Four Rules for a Perfect Exterior Paint Job

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  •  Posted Nov 03, 2016    

1.) Properly prepare the surface. Even the best quality exterior paint can fail if applied to a dirty or unsound surface. Clean soon-to-be-painted surfaces with power washing equipment or…
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We are professional commercial and residential house painters in Sydney. From central locations like Darlinghurst to further out suburbs such as Castle Hill, iAdore Painting & Decorating can come to you.


We are experienced painting professionals in residential and commercial painting, providing both interior and exterior painting services at reasonable prices.

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Colour Design

For a professional touch to your exterior or interior project, iAdore Painting offers professional Colour designs!

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Roof Coating

Top quality roof respraying requires quality roof preparation & suitable sealant coatings. No matter whether you have a metal or concrete tile roof.

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