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Now you can paint faster and save time on the job site with High Production brushes.

They’re called “High Production” because they contain specially crimped WAVE polyester filaments. Each of these filaments creates extra bends and curves where paint can be held until it’s released onto the substrate. Extensive laboratory testing has concluded that High Production brushes pick up and release more paint than any other brush on the market.

High Production brushes are available in two separate lines: one for acrylic, one for enamel.

Acrylic brushes are offered in seven sizes. Made of WAVE polyester and the highest quality nylon, High Performance Acrylic brushes pick up 25% more paint per dip than any other synthetic brush. These brushes are also excellent for trimming and delivering a sharp cut line.

There are five sizes of High Performance brushes for oil painting. Combining WAVE polyester with the finest natural white China bristle, these brushes pick up 35% more paint per dip than any other 100 percent natural bristle brush on the market.

For the ultimate in productivity, choose High Production brushes. Contractor Series brushes are available at your local Wattyl store.

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We are experienced painting professionals in residential and commercial painting, providing both interior and exterior painting services at reasonable prices.

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Colour Design

For a professional touch to your exterior or interior project, iAdore Painting offers professional Colour designs!

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Roof Coating

Top quality roof respraying requires quality roof preparation & suitable sealant coatings. No matter whether you have a metal or concrete tile roof.

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