Making the right choice for today’s painting challenges.

Paint finish is critical to any job’s success. But before you pick up that brush or roller and jump in, consider the numerous factors involved in achieving an attractive, durable finish.

Questionable substrates, new materials, workmanship, time constraints, scheduling conflicts and tight budgets combine to make a quality, profitable finish more difficult than ever to achieve. That’s why primers – as mundane and ordinary as they may seem – are key to the final outcome of any paint job.

Primers solve problems. Chances are, you won’t be satisfied with the topcoat if you don’t use the right primer. In many cases, you’re likely facing a myriad of surface problems that prevent you from achieving the finish your customer demands and expects. If substrates were perfect, there would be no need for a primer, but such surfaces are few and far between.

Using the right primer can also influence job efficiency. Primers reduce surface preparation expense, improve paint coverage, speed top-coating and reduce callbacks – all which can lead to significant savings in time and money.

All good primers perform the basic functions of sealing, hiding and binding to form a firm foundation for topcoats. Modern technologies – products that not only provide the basics but attack specific problems. If you have a tough stain to cover, rough tape research and development has allowed for the emergence of new primer joints or even a porous surface, chances are there’s a primer solution that will help you achieve the finish you and your customer expect.

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We are experienced painting professionals in residential and commercial painting, providing both interior and exterior painting services at reasonable prices.

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Colour Design

For a professional touch to your exterior or interior project, iAdore Painting offers professional Colour designs!

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Roof Coating

Top quality roof respraying requires quality roof preparation & suitable sealant coatings. No matter whether you have a metal or concrete tile roof.

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