We are experienced painting professionals in residential and commercial painting, providing both interior and exterior painting services at reasonable prices.

iAdore Painting & Decorating is a Australian owned business and have been in service for over 20 years. We are Sydney’s go-to company for interior, exterior, residential and commercial painting and decorating. We are licensed, insured and experienced. If you are looking for a quality job call us today. You can rest easy knowing that your property is in the hands of iAdore Painting & Decorating.


Wallpaper Installation

Discover the beauty of wallpaper!

We have been painting sydney for over 20 years, so we appreciate the use of colour in home decorating. Paint certainly lifts a room, but hanging wallpaper completely transforms any space, creating amazing impact and instant visual appeal. It’s so easy to create your own unique personal style using wallpaper. You will be amazed at the amount of colours and designs available

We wallpaper for:

  • Homes
  • Restaurants
  • Shops
  • Offices
  • Show rooms
  • Clubs
  • Film & photo shoots

From whole decoration schemes to a single feature wall, no job is too big or too small.

Todays modern wallcoverings are a breath of fresh air!

There are a huge array of modern designer wallpapers today that are perfect for our contemporary Australian lifestyles. Decorating in Sydney has always been alive and fresh and iAdore Painting & Decorating LOVE staying on top of decorating trends.


Wallpaper Removal


First, know that this is going to be a messy job.

There is no way around that. Bits and pieces of wet paper, covered in adhesive, will end up stuck to everything that’s not covered. Fortunately, it cleans up easily with some soap and water.

Wallpaper removal is a task no one enjoys. Some people try to avoid this tedious task by painting or repapering over wallpaper, but this is never recommended and will become a headache for whoever attempts this task in the future.

Our friendly, professional staff can remove wallpaper from your walls to make them look fresher and more up to date. We can completely change the look of any room, from the colour to the texture. Best of all, it’s so quick, you’ll hardly know we were there! Contact us today to set up an appointment.

Tip: Knowing what you’re up against

In most cases, walls are either gyprock or plaster. You can usually tell what you have by the feel (plaster is harder, colder, and smoother than gyprock) or by tapping on it (drywall sounds hollow, and plaster doesn’t). When in doubt, remove an outlet cover to see the exposed edges. Gyprock is more vulnerable to water damage; you must avoid overwetting it and use care when you’re scraping because drywall gouges more easily than plaster.

Wallpaper removal is easy. Well, maybe it’s not really easy, but I have good news for you. Yes, you would rather do almost anything else. As a professional, my clients have often told me that if not for the wallpaper removal, they would have decorated the room themselves. It is such a deterrent. While it is a hassle to remove, most people’s real fears center around damaging the wall while stripping the paper. It’s true. You can. I’ve spent as much time repairing that damage. There is no reason that it has to happen, hire a professional and the job will get done in half the time while you are enjoying your day knowing it will get done right.

We are professional commercial and residential house painters in Sydney. From central locations like Darlinghurst to further out suburbs such as Castle Hill, iAdore Painting & Decorating can come to you.

Colour Design

For a professional touch to your exterior or interior project, iAdore Painting offers professional Colour designs!

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Roof Coating

Top quality roof respraying requires quality roof preparation & suitable sealant coatings. No matter whether you have a metal or concrete tile roof.

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Residential Painting

Our professional house painters specialise in both internal and external settings and can work with all different materials and perform light repairs such as carpentry.

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